Peveril of the Peak 1 Walter Scott

Peveril of the Peak 1 - Walter Scott
Автор: Scott Walter
Редактор: Краснова И.
Издательство: Т8, 2018 г.
Серия: Original
Научный редактор: Лазепный Евстафий Владимирович
Дизайн: Добрыдин Харламп Тимурович
Оформитель: Сидоренков Игнатий Владиславович
Страниц: 343
Формат: pdf, txt, fb2

Аннотация "Peveril of the Peak 1"
Walter Scott (1771-1832) was a Scottish historical novelist, poet, and playwright. Although he was an advocate and legal administrator by profession, Scott is most famous for his great literary works and activities in the Royal Highland Society. "Peveril of the Peak" is a wonderful historical novel set near the end of the seventeenth century in the years following the English Civil War. Most of the story takes place in locations of Derbyshire, London, and on the Isle of Man and revolves around a Cavalier Julian Peveril who is in love with Alice Bridgenorth. Nevertheless, both he and his father are accused of accused of involvement with the Popish Plot of 1678, which breaks all the plans for a happy future. Электронная книга скачать Peveril of the Peak 1 Walter Scott.

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